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New baby & cooking for my sanity.

When my husband and I started to plan a family I bought him a curry cook book.  'You are going to be the curry king of our household!' I declared.  He loves a good curry so I thought it was … Continue reading

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Cut the crap & keep it simple

I buy a lot of organic food and have friends that look at me as if I am a decadent lush.  It's a fit with designer clothes and Manolos, they seem to say in their raised eyebrows.  We can't afford … Continue reading

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Kill me an Introduced Species

In our patch of bush filled land we kill a furry mammal about once a week.  It is encouraged and it protects the local environment.  In my home country it would be an illegal activity.  The bush cloaked ranges that … Continue reading

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Musings on Dyslexia

I was speaking with this marvellous man the other day.  A school teacher for most of his life.  And in retirement he writes gorgeous and complex school plays for the school he recently retired from.  He is dyslexic and wouldn't … Continue reading

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Only you can train your brain.

When I speak about normal life addictions, I am not talking about the deep invasive addiction of drugs or alcohol. I am talking more of TV, eating, computers, porn. That sort of thing. I was always nervous of ending up … Continue reading

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Our kids are fat & we’re not demanding change?

Gosh isn't it super that practically every new site for a fast food chain premises is close to a secondary school? All those lucky teenagers.   And great that New Zealand kids are fatter than American or Australian kids.  And … Continue reading

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Creating for the Soul.. or just sanity?

When I look around at the gorgeous girlfriends that surround me – 4 of the most intelligent, beautiful, creative and light filled girls have something in common. Pills for depression. All of them are giving, proactive and joyful. All of … Continue reading

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Primary Caregiver Dads are Cool

I have a confession to make, when I see Dads at wholesale jerseys playcentre, or riding solo at the park on a week day, at the supermarket with a baby during working hours, BOARD I want to tell them they … Continue reading

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Waiting for the Battery Car

My first 3 cars were cheap nfl jerseys benevolently bestowed from deceased estates.  (I'd like to thank my Great Aunt Jean, my stepmother, and my lovely dad).  Great cars all and I only rolled one (the first, an ugly duckling … Continue reading

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Eat Your Words

I had a theory. If children had limited screen time, they would learn to read. And possibly learn to love reading. So my preschoolers had only one hour of TV only a day, and school children had tv for an … Continue reading

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