Waiting for the Battery Car

My first 3 cars were cheap nfl jerseys benevolently bestowed from deceased estates.  (I'd like to thank my Great Aunt Jean, my stepmother, and my lovely dad).  Great cars all and I only rolled one (the first, an ugly duckling pea green Subaru).

My last car before this was a truly fabulous Landcruiser GXL diesel.  Used to going camping and skiing , by the time I cheap jerseys had a baby in hand it was lucky to go off road once a year.  And if you の代替 are not hitting the dirt on a monthly basis, or weekly requiring grunt for haulage and needing locked hubs in winter with your big wholesale nfl jerseys tough cheap nfl jerseys SUV (4WD in my day), I'm sorry but in Eat this day and age, you are a wanker.

Too harsh you say?  Nope.  My Melbourne friends would previously look at me with my beloved ageing Landcruiser, raise an eyebrow and list all my homilies about not using plastic and buying organic and local and general rah rah about saving the planet.  And I would look down digestive and say 'it was my Daddy's and it is really cool to drive'.  And I knew I was a wanker.

So ΣΤΗ when we sold the town house and became country mice, I knew it was time.  Outrageously, I lashed out and bought an entirely middle class car that some may say only a poseur would drive.  Because a country house costs less than a city house, in case you didn't know.  And we could afford to spend the extra $5K on something European and diesel.

Also, we have 2 extra seats we can put in the back (like the brick xxxx house SUV of the past), it corners and accelerates marvellously on the short climb up into the hills where we live (unlike the predecessor), the diesel strange should be able to accept biodiesel in future рублей (futureproofing!), and it Maria gets around 50mpg or around 5.6l/100km (leaving the GXL gasping and panting for more gas) .

And, I proclaim to the world, I will keep this baby cheap jerseys from China until battery operated cars are 2nd or 3rd generation.. Even if it takes 20 or 30 years with everyone laughing and pointing at me while I drive the ancient beast waiting for the End Of Oil……..

About Jodie

Sometimes you will disagree with me. Sometimes you will agree with me. But only by questioning and discussing and attempting to view the world our childrens children will live in, can we come to terms with the cost of our daily decisions and the decisions of our governments. We need to understand that this brave new world has a lot of corporate lobbyists in it, with deep pockets and convincing arguments. Questions are for everybody, not just the politicians. And solutions are the same. Robert M. Hutchins said "The death of democracy is not likely to be an assassination from ambush. It will be a slow extinction from apathy, indifference, and undernourishment."
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  1. It will come – and I really like your car anyway, I like that you can see the stars.

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