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Mary Poppins helping me be at peace with the things I cannot change.

To stop depressive thoughts spiralling into darkness.  Now, to the tune of a spoon full of sugar, please begin: Sometimes I have to curb my thoughts and  Understand and just accept The things we find we cannot ever change And … Continue reading

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Electric cars and 1960’s daydreams

  My husband was allowing his eye to gently rove over a gorgeous 1960's vintage car the other day.   Just thinking how nice it would be to cruise on a sunny day in that horse car or whatever it is … Continue reading

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Bread used to be digestible but they changed the rules.

  We were watching a 'Gluten is Bad OK?'  TV special the other day (I changed the name).  The skinny brassy blond (well she was), was declaring that a gluten free diet is the most wonderful thing and many people … Continue reading

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If The World Health Organisation says implement Fat Tax what are we waiting for?

I can't write any better than these guys….. an analysis undertaken by the OECD in collaboration with the World Health Organisation.  Read on: OBESITY AND THE ECONOMICS OF PREVENTION © OECD 2010 Exerpts from the Executive Summary Much of the … Continue reading

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