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Build your kids bodies well

Kids eat crap when you have crap in your house.  They eat it when you buy it at the supermarket.  If kids know there is crap food in your house they will seek it out and pounce on it with … Continue reading

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Have patience with that lovely little brain.

Sometimes our kids brains don't grow as quickly as we think they should.  Bits of their brain grow fast and other bits grow slow.  I might reckon especially with boys.   And as parents we find it frustrating when our child … Continue reading

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Starvation or hunting? Which kills more whales? Lets see the research!

What do I love – calamari dosed in smoked paprika and pepper, sauteed on the barbeque with capsicum and maybe a bit of celery or parsley and topped off with a smidgeon of meltingly luscious goats cheese. That's what I … Continue reading

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