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Icing on the cake of life.

I have decided that truly loving yourself and being at peace with yourself is the icing on the cake. Not loving the world, your kids and friends. Yourself. How are you? Fine. I'm fine now. Really! It's all good. I'm … Continue reading

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Who can retrofit my Sunbeam Toastermatic?

  We have the most beautiful toaster.  And in the scheme of things, this planet and so on, it is brand new.  But it has stopped working and I cannot bare to buy a new one. At a guess it was … Continue reading

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Celebrate turning Forty. There I said it.

I just had the best birthday party of my life. Really. I decided that in turning a grand age, I should be old enough and ugly enough to say exactly what I wanted for the event and how it happened.  … Continue reading

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Why should your kids have everything you didn’t?

'We can't afford it.' I say it with relish and chew on the words. I am fortunate in that my family life is reasonably financially secure (unlike my childhood – where a constant theme was my single father worrying about … Continue reading

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The Depression Cure could help I think

My father, single father, looks after small child in the 1970's.  Limited income.  All his brothers are successful.    Stops lifeblood, his loved profession, of being a farmer.  "You can't bring up a little girl by yourself forty miles out of … Continue reading

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Preschoolers, infections & hayfever.

Last year I watched a friend give her child 12 doses of antibiotics.   Smart as a whip, highly aware, healthy, low chemical, balanced diet type of mother, Chloe looked at all the options to try to solve this exhausting problem.   … Continue reading

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