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TPPA – trade talks undemocratic, are we pushing US or NZ interests? We simply don’t know.

I love how the most powerful democratic nation in the world utilises a completely undemocratic process to increase markets and opportunities for itself. New Zealanders have many questions about what is going on in the current round of Trans Pacific … Continue reading

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Review: The God Species by Mark Lynas & my nuclear headshift.

For years I have felt indignant at the idea of governments foisting nuclear energy on us. Regarded France with pity at the mere thought of how that socialist dictator (my words) thrust nuclear energy upon those poor souls. Thought how … Continue reading

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NZ 2011 Election: Green Technology as well as Policies will carry us into the future.

I’m a generation Xer, impressed by Keys attitude and quite liking the fact that as National claims, New Zealand’s ‘net emissions have fallen for the first time since 1990 due to gains in forestry and renewable electricity’.   Their Environment and Climate … Continue reading

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