The kindness of strangers

Many moons ago I posted a piece hoping that someone out there could fix my ancient 1964 Sunbeam Toastermatic.  I just put it out there.

It was my dads, and it’s special. So I put it in a suitably special place and hoped my wireless plea would reach someone.

This year a very kind person from Melbourne contacted me. Mr. Toastermatic Specialist. Like me, he loves these beautiful old machines. These toasters are so clever, that all you have to do is drop a piece of toast in and it pops up when it is cooked – this is 50 to 60 year old technology.

Look at your mobile phone and ask it if it can last 50 years.  Well then.

I digress – this gentleman and scholar whom I knew from a bar of soap – asked me to send the Toastermatic (and it’s sacrificial brother I had betoasteren keeping for exactly this reason) to Melbourne and he would see what he could do.  He told me to pay particular care to the side wings – when someone asks you to do that, you know he knows what he is talking about.

There’s care there.

So I trusted him. And he fixed my beautiful machine.

I did pay for the cost of fixing it – but the postage cost way more.

He polished her up so she shone like the sun and she glowed like glory, and mailed it back to me.

She is an old lady, so I have to be gentle with her. She only likes going one round on the golf course, so if we are doing a few more rounds we use the griller.

That suits us.

PS:  You companies out there producing long use goods with your planned obsolescence, your breakdown design with your cheap inputs designed to fail after x uses – especially if there is no ease for recycling engineered into your product – you are unethical and shameful.  People will always pay for a good basic product. If the extra inputs making long term quality gives people an extra ten years – they will pay for it.

The poor will pay the extra amount for a product designed for long term use as often it is a small component cost before markup, and the rich will too as long as there is some elite wanky thing showing how extra special their version is.

No-one wants a product designed to breakdown anywhere between 2 and 7 years of use. It’s rubbish.

You should be legislated against. You buggers.

And Mr Melbourne – you are an angel and doubtless extremely good looking. Tell your family to keep you. You’re definitely ‘worth the trouble’.

My family thanks you, stranger. As does my little old antique machine.

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It is only by questioning and discussing and attempting to view the world our childrens children will live in, that we start to understand that life isn't a linear process - it is a room of dominoes falling. Our world has a lot of special interests and stakeholders that by default, keep science undone, and economics hooked in the 1920's - resulting in governments that don't address the complexity that is challenging our world. From pollution to mental health (and the cost of food) to the health of our freshwater - it's complex and dynamic. What equilibrium do we want to reach - a healthy vital one or a suffering one?
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  1. Mrs A says:

    Wish I still had mine! Your dad would be very happy to see your toaster back in action! Love GMA

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