Illnesses affecting families today.

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Talk: Why are we getting sicker, younger?
A Sustainable Backyards event.

When: 7.30pm Thursday, 24th March 2016
Where: Tauranga Boys College Graham Young Youth Theatre
Cost: $10 (please bring cash)

Do I need to book?: No bookings required, please just arrive at 7.20 for a 7.30 prompt start. If there are too many people we will repeat the talk – we live locally.

Illness takes many forms, from a diagnosed illness (or three) to lots of little problems – be they disturbed childhoods, where sleeping is a constant challenge and kids can’t settle; developmental disorders; or perhaps diarrhoea or reflux is a persistent nightmare; maybe fatigue, depression; a painful body and a constant mind-fog haunts you, or it affects the people you love. Is this the way we have to live? Is this how your future will play out?

This interesting and fact filled discussion will explore the critical links between food, your gut & modern day illnesses and challenges. Is it really “all in the genes?”
Why are health challenges different for this generation – why are we, as the World Health Organisation has confirmed – getting sicker – younger?

In this talk designed to appeal to both parents and teenagers, researcher and writer Jodie Bruning and nutritionist Rose Riley will attempt to unpick this complex story that science and modern research is still unravelling.

Boys and girls are affected in different ways by our environment and diets, boys may end up with higher likelihood of autism connected challenges, girls through hormonal and tummy problems. However frequently the 3 factors that tip all of us into most of the illness we see around us, are the same – gut health, nutrition and stress.

Topics this evening will attempt to address:

But it’s my genes? Recent understanding of how our genes are turned off or on by environmental triggers influences new understanding of health. Frequently, we don’t get sick until ‘something’ influences our genes. This new knowledge changes how we perceive many of the common inflammatory and immune related chronic diseases surrounding us today. Sickness is not necessarily ‘pre-destined’.

The new science around the microbiome, nutrition and stress. How the health of our gut wall and microbiome is associated with a surprisingly wide range of chronic (long term) inflammatory illnesses. Many illnesses not considered to be inflammatory and connected to gut health by scientists a decade ago are now considered to be part of this story. The science today linking this knowledge together is extremely fast moving and exciting.

Ingredients & chemicals – what’s up with numbers? Many health based practitioners are steering people away from convenience food and ingredients we have commonly assumed are safe. But are the ingredients really so bad? They’re safely assessed by our food regulators… right?

Now for the good news. Our bodies are created to heal. The connections science – and mothers – are making to regain health.

Habits and the psychology of change.
This is the hard bit – no matter what we hear, many of the foods we consume too much of, are highly addictive. Furthermore eating a shared meal or snack with the friends we love is a special part of many relationships. What happens when we change our dietary habits and they don’t? How do we manage this and move forward?

Media – bought and sold – or sceptically healthy? Here we discuss the media types that are selling you health. Information can vary dramatically, depending on the bottom line. Here we discuss how it’s best to be sceptical, how media can be your friend or foe. There is a wealth of information out there and well informed social media can effectively help you in your journey.

The talk will finish with recommendations and references and is part of New Zealand’s 2016 Bay of Plenty Sustainable Backyards programme.

About Jodie

It is only by questioning and discussing and attempting to view the world our childrens children will live in, that we start to understand that life isn't a linear process - it is a room of dominoes falling. Our world has a lot of special interests and stakeholders that by default, keep science undone, and economics hooked in the 1920's - resulting in governments that don't address the complexity that is challenging our world. From pollution to mental health (and the cost of food) to the health of our freshwater - it's complex and dynamic. What equilibrium do we want to reach - a healthy vital one or a suffering one?
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