Quote from Dr Jeffrey Bland

‘Yes. Food does contain calories and it does contain protein, carbohydrate and fat, it does contain vitamins and minerals and fibre certainly that’s true. But it’s much more than that. Food is information. Food is information upon which your genes regulate their function.

Now when you think of that, it’s like, whoah, there is a lot more responsibility in eating, than I would have ever have suspected based upon the fact that our food is speaking to our genes in such a way that its actually creating an outcome called our ‘function.’

This has led to the development of a new field called nutrigenomics. So we have our nutrition and we have our genes and they used to be separate disciplines, now they are melded together. So if we understand unique aspects of our genetics we understand unique aspects of our need for specific nutrients for a specific food. So there is no one diet that’s perfect for everybody.’

Quote from Conversations that Matter

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Sometimes you will disagree with me. Sometimes you will agree with me. But only by questioning and discussing and attempting to view the world our childrens children will live in, can we come to terms with the cost of our daily decisions and the decisions of our governments. We need to understand that this brave new world has a lot of corporate lobbyists in it, with deep pockets and convincing arguments. Questions are for everybody, not just the politicians. And solutions are the same. Robert M. Hutchins said "The death of democracy is not likely to be an assassination from ambush. It will be a slow extinction from apathy, indifference, and undernourishment."
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