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It is only by questioning and discussing and attempting to view the world our childrens children will live in, that we start to understand that life isn't a linear process - it is a room of dominoes falling. Our world has a lot of special interests and stakeholders that by default, keep science undone, and economics hooked in the 1920's - resulting in governments that don't address the complexity that is challenging our world. From pollution to mental health (and the cost of food) to the health of our freshwater - it's complex and dynamic. What equilibrium do we want to reach - a healthy vital one or a suffering one?

The Silent Majority

By Allen Curnow, 1970. I was the Silent Majority, I never said a Word. I listened to those in Authority, Silently I concurred. I followed my Leaders loyally, My Silence let Them know Whatever They said, wherever They led Was … Continue reading

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Essential 2017 Christmas Gifts for Kids that will be loved forever

I recently watched the (now classic) youtube hit clip by Annie Leonard and The Story of Stuff. In this world where a huge proportion of us can’t afford Christmas and the rest of us are trying to work out how … Continue reading

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Quote from Dr Jeffrey Bland

‘Yes. Food does contain calories and it does contain protein, carbohydrate and fat, it does contain vitamins and minerals and fibre certainly that’s true. But it’s much more than that. Food is information. Food is information upon which your genes … Continue reading

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Desperation, curiosity & persistence – finding health & joy.

One day a French girl arrived to stay with us in New Zealand, she was a friend of a friend. As she stepped out of her car her long legs stretched forever, she was glowing, and she looked like the … Continue reading

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Shifting kids to a healthy meal plan – breakfast lunch and dinner

Please believe me that I had the trickiest kid ever – a slow eater that had suffered from massive colic (in hindsight I would now take that baby to a nutritionist straight away), that merged into super slow eating and … Continue reading

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Illnesses affecting families today.

Talk: Why are we getting sicker, younger? A Sustainable Backyards event. When: 7.30pm Thursday, 24th March 2016 Where: Tauranga Boys College Graham Young Youth Theatre Cost: $10 (please bring cash) Do I need to book?: No bookings required, please just … Continue reading

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Tipping point – what’s with organic?

I can’t afford it. It’s too hard. Supermarket’s good enough for me. What makes people change? For most people it is not an easy process. Going to the supermarket, whizzing around, piling up the car, now that’s convenient. So why … Continue reading

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Zen Honeycutt & GMO food in New Zealand

Way before I heard Zen Honeycutt was coming to New Zealand (Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga) I had read about her. She’s one chick that has really put it out there. Speaking up takes courage. You risk criticism, derision, and today in … Continue reading

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When it comes to kids with gut related illness – Make changes, but lose that guilt.

One of the most important things paediatrician Dr Michelle Perro can say to mums is ‘We didn’t know’. But we do know now. This article is an abbreviated extract of an engaging and enlightening youtube interview with Molly Arthur. As … Continue reading

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Are the benefits of solar being presented accurately in the NZ media?

We are hearing the message that solar panels don’t save money and are not worth on the EECA web site. They refer to this consumer report: Sunny Money – Are grid-tied solar photovoltaic systems a good investment? If you’re considering … Continue reading

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