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Making a rash decision from the gut. About a dog.

I am about to conduct an experiment on the dog. My dog Myrtle has had skin based stomach rashes for a good 6 months now.  Extensive reading has lead me to a mother-type conclusion.  Perhaps an outrageous theory (that is grounded … Continue reading

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Free-range kids in the Bay of Plenty.

Our family ended up at Matahui Road School after moving from a highly esteemed local primary school in the Bay of Plenty Region, where after 6 weeks in the new entrance class the teacher didn’t realise that my son could read, … Continue reading

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Bridal Registry Wish List – the top ten… in hindsight.

If I got married today what would be on my list? After 13 years of marriage this week and 2 (mostly) fabulous kids, I was thinking about the things I had on my bridal registration list.  What was worth it, … Continue reading

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New Zealand: Secondary schools, mobile phones and unsupported teachers

Every kid worships Steve Jobs.  And his comment?  Technology can’t fix education. New Zealanders aren’t talking enough about mobile phones in classrooms. Mobile phones can be great assets.  They are calculators, cameras, audio recorders and calendars.  They provide access to … Continue reading

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The Tooth Fairy has flight parameters too.

My daughter woke up spluttering the other day as a tooth was severed from it’s last dangly stringy bit and for all intents and purposes made its way down her throat. So, as is the practice in our family when … Continue reading

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Scare them a little bit and they will come back for more.

I read in our local paper a report regarding plans for a waterfront playground. For the last decade or so playground designers have struggled to make playgrounds safe and interesting for older kids. But maybe we have to realise that … Continue reading

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Less Meat Less Junk More Plants – and I agree

“We have to stop eating them industrially and stop eating them thoughtlessly.” What a great line from Mark Bittman in the Ted talk ‘What’s wrong with what we eat’. At home we try for 3 vegetarian meals a week.  Often … Continue reading

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Thanks for the discussion, Amy Chua.

I would like to thank Amy Chua for instigating a fantastic conversation. To be good at anything you have to work hard at it. And to be really good at something, you have to work through the hard stuff, and … Continue reading

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Celebrate turning Forty. There I said it.

I just had the best birthday party of my life. Really. I decided that in turning a grand age, I should be old enough and ugly enough to say exactly what I wanted for the event and how it happened.  … Continue reading

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Why should your kids have everything you didn’t?

'We can't afford it.' I say it with relish and chew on the words. I am fortunate in that my family life is reasonably financially secure (unlike my childhood – where a constant theme was my single father worrying about … Continue reading

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