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The Silent Majority

By Allen Curnow, 1970. I was the Silent Majority, I never said a Word. I listened to those in Authority, Silently I concurred. I followed my Leaders loyally, My Silence let Them know Whatever They said, wherever They led Was … Continue reading

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Quote from Dr Jeffrey Bland

‘Yes. Food does contain calories and it does contain protein, carbohydrate and fat, it does contain vitamins and minerals and fibre certainly that’s true. But it’s much more than that. Food is information. Food is information upon which your genes … Continue reading

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Sometimes you need to hear it to believe it. So here I am.

Our world view is connected to the people that surround us and the media we are exposed to.  I grew up in a conventional right wing farming family. Politics was never discussed, you simply voted right. It wouldn’t have occurred … Continue reading

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So Tauranga residents can save on $ and recycle all our plastics like the 6/8 largest NZ cities?

I am a ratepayerliving around Tauranga & frankly, I am sick of my kids coming home and talking about recycling 3-7 plastics when Tauranga doesn’tactually do this. And I really hate the legacy of landfill we are leaving for our … Continue reading

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Victory for Independent Science – GMO libel case

World-famous independent scientist researching the risks of GMOs wins libel case against biotech association fronting a concerted campaign to discredit and victimise him Dr. Mae-Wan Ho Gilles-Eric Séralini, professor of molecular biology at the University of Caen in France, and president … Continue reading

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How to find a husband, logically.

People say to me ‘your husband is just so lovely’ and then they look at me with widened eyes that almost accusingly say ‘how did you get to deserve him?’  And I look smug. He is the best for me. … Continue reading

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Sit Back in Anger

When Government Departments make Your angry Passions rise, Don’t tell the Press, for Heaven’s sake. Such Action isn’t wise.   Go to the departmental Head Or write to him, still better. Don’t do your block, use Tact instead. Provoke no … Continue reading

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Why should your kids have everything you didn’t?

'We can't afford it.' I say it with relish and chew on the words. I am fortunate in that my family life is reasonably financially secure (unlike my childhood – where a constant theme was my single father worrying about … Continue reading

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